Welcome 2016!

Welcome 2016!

This year, Mrs. Guru and I welcomed in 2016 whilst surrounded by our very dear friends. We looked back on a year that was truly a mixed bag of emotions. I lost a very dear friend of mine to a heart attack early on in the year, and right before Thanksgiving, my mother-in-law lost her 5 year battle with cancer. I discovered a very close friend from childhood is wrestling with his own demons, and is being brainwashed in the name of religion.

On the other side of that 2015 coin, was a year of re-connections. I reconnected with old friends and family, and my father with whom I had never really had a relationship with. In some cases, people reached out to me. In the case of my father, I took the first step at reconnecting. Sometimes it takes the loss of those closest to you to remind you that your life is too short, and that your life is made up of those that have been, are, and will be in it.

This year I will do my best to reconnect with those that I have lost touch with, and continue to build bridges with those I currently have in my life. Whether they know it or not, they have had a hand in creating what I am today.

Goodbye Egon…

Today, as I drank my first cup of coffee and settled in to my desk at work, I prepared myself for yet another Monday. I went over the current to-do list and marked off which items I needed to cover ASAP, and which would take me more time. Then, I checked the front page of Reddit. To my shock, I read that Harold Ramis has passed away.

Growing up, Ghostbusters was one of my favorite films; and when they filmed Ghostbusters 2 on my block and in my neighborhood, I was ecstatic. I grew up watching all the great comedies that Ramis either starred in or wrote. Whether it was Animal House, Stripes, or Ghostbusters, lines from each of these movies sometimes crawled into my conversations. The article goes on to laud of all his achievements, as well as the fact that he went back to his roots and lived in Chicago up to his death.

Harold Ramis’ work made a huge impression on me growing up. His portfolio of work will live on enriching the lives of kids, and grown-ups alike for years to come. I am saddened that someone I watched growing up has passed, but I am very grateful for all the laughs he gave me.

Goodbye, Egon!

January 2014 recap…

The first month into this new year, and I am trying my damndest to keep up with resolutions made for the year.

– I am currently about a third of the way through Kim, by Rudyard Kipling. I didn’t think I would be as interested in this classic as I already am. I like the characters in the story, but not as much as I like learning about the culture of the time. It is proving to be a great choice as a starting point for my “Books Read of 2014.”

– My company was acquired, which has led to a flurry of work, preparation, idea generation, etc. The overall vibe I get is basically positive, and it helps in getting through the grueling workweek.

– Mara Jade is still growing, pretty much every day she is learning new ways in which to annoy me. Be it chewing up my shoes, sneakers, hats, socks, and underwear, she does it and then looks up at me wondering why I keep shouting no. I love this dog.

– I haven’t hit the gym as of yet, however I have started wearing my Fitbit religiously and find that I am forcing myself to get out there and walk more. There is now a competition amongst those in office for who has the most amount of steps for the month of February. People are checking their steps made daily, and this pushes everyone farther to be that person on the top of the heap. I am just happy that I have begun to shed some weight; however, the weight loss is also due to the fact that I am changing my eating habits as well as slowly changing my lifestyle to something healthier.

I am focusing more on improving myself. I am starting my improving my health, and then focusing on the things that bring me genuine joy. I’ve dedicated a lot to my job and career, and now need to focus on me and my wife.

This year, I am going to make awesome. Even if it is through sheer will.