Hello 2014

The first week of the new year finds me looking forward to what the rest of this year has to bring. Last year was a pretty weird year. A lot of good, and along with it, a lot of bad.

The resolution train has left the station, and am now looking forward to making or breaking this years goals.

Among the resolutions:

– Quit Smoking
– Go to the Gym
– Read 14 books

All of this, is easier said than done, but what are goals if not something that is hard to acheive? Given my hectic work schedule, I find myself living a pretty sedentary lifestyle. I spend 10-12 hours a day behind a desk, and only going outside for smoke breaks throughout the day. Smoking has long been on my resolution to quit, and is the biggest crutch I have. I’ve been wanting to hit the gym and lose the excess weight, as well as get myself into a more healthy lifestyle. I plan on this being the year!

If there is something that I truly love, it is being swept away by a story. There are so many great writers out there, with so many interesting characters stories to tell. My Goodreads and Shelfari goals have been updated to reflect my goal of 14 books. If I am behind, they will be there to mock me and push me towards completing this goal.

There are other goals I have set for myself, both professionally, as well as personally, and there are too many to list. The list I have appears endless, but I should be able to knock off quite a few by the time this year reaches its end.

For now, I will be targeting the top three.

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