Goodreads Challenge: September Update

I am now nine months into my self challenge. I have read six of the sixteen books I had set out to read for the year. I knew going into the challenge, that sixteen books was a hell of a challenge, given my work schedule and my penchant for gaming.


The six books I did read, however I enjoyed very much.

    The Marketing Gurus – I read this mainly for work. The marketing classes I took in college did not prepare me well for marketing in the real world. Come to think of it, neither did the Computer Science courses I took. This books was basically an outdated cribs notes of marketing books and theses. This was a 3 star book.
    The Alchemist – Uplifting book that reads as a fable. I give it 4 stars.
    The Way of All Flesh – I picked this book as it is on the Random House 100 Best Novels list. This was a very interesting book for me. Interesting parallels into my own early journey through life. I give it 4 stars.
    The Beautiful and The Damned – I loved the Great Gatsby, so decided to pick up another of F. Scott Fitzgerald’s works. I was not disappointed. An interesting look into the relationship of a marriage, where both partners are equally selfish and narcissistic. This is especially so, as the characters’ main focus surrounds money and status, instead of each other. I give it 4 stars.
    The Emperor’s Soul – Brandon Sanderson is quickly becoming a favorite author of mine. This book takes place in the same universe as Elantris, and has an awesome new magic system, albeit similar to the magic used in Elantris. Only regret is that there aren’t more stories or follow on books set in this universe. 5 stars!
    The Way of Kings (The Stormlight Archive #1) – My second Brandon Sanderson novel this year. He’s created yet another world/universe with a great magic system and great characters. I didn’t want to start on a series, however from what friends and reviews tell me, this is a great series to start. Luckily, Sanderson is almost as prolific a writer as Stephen King, so I shouldn’t have to wait long for the series to end (regardless of whether or not I would want it to end). This is another 5 star book from Sanderson!

I’ve got a fully loaded Kindle shelf, and 2 shelves in my home office loaded with fiction to read. I am going to make an honest run at hitting my 16 books for the year, and hopefully make a dent in Random House’s 100 Best Novels list.

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