Goodreads Challenge: 2017

Another year, and another batch of resolutions. Unfortunately, I missed my goal of 16 books in my Goodreads 2016 Challenge, but I did manage to read 14 out of 16.

I’ve already touched on the first eight books I read during 2016. Below are the latter 8 since the update last year.

The Day of the Locust – This is a classic, and is listed on Random House’s Top 100 Best Novels. This is a sad take on life in Hollywood in it’s heyday. I wasn’t supposed to like the characters, although in a way I suppose, in a way, I could understand their motivations. This was a quick check off of my Top 100 Novel list, and for that am glad.

Quicksilver – This was my first Neal Stephenson novel, and I enjoyed it immensely. I can honestly say I liked most of the characters, and Stephenson’s style of writing grew on me pretty quickly. Will be looking into the rest of the series. Maybe this year?

Brave New World – My first Aldous Huxley novel. Loved it! I’ve added more Huxley novels to my “to-read” list, and as a result am determined to re-read 1984 by Orwell as well.

The Good Soldier – Liked this very much! It was also part of Random House’s Top 100 Best Novels.

Bloodline – First Star Wars novel, for a fan, this is sad to admit. Decided to read this as it was part of canon and reviewed very well. I enjoyed this novel very much, and have added all the other Star Wars canon novels to my list.

The Magnificent Ambersons – enjoyed this so very much! The main character has the same name as the main character in Stephen King’s 11/22/63. Both characters are time travelers in a way. In the Magnificent Ambersons, George Amberson is mentally stuck in the past while time, and civilization rush past him making changes to his life.

The Shining – How did I not read this before? I blame the movie. I loved the movie, however I knew I needed to step away for a significant amount of time. I loved the characters immensely as well as the universe it is set in. As soon as I finished, I eyed my copy of Doctor Sleep that has been on my shelf for years waiting for me to be ready to begin.

Words of Radiance (The Stormlight Archive #2) – Holy shit, Brandon Sanderson! And I thought I loved the Mistborn Saga! This is the second novel in the series I read last year, and it is just as great as the first (Way of Kings). I now visit Sanderson’s blog every week to see how he is progressing on the third book in the series (he is on 3rd Draft).

So this year, 17 books are the goal, and I’ve upped my Kindle library as well as the hardcopy library. Hoping to find some gems this year as I continue to push towards completing all the various lists I have compiled, from science fiction and horror to the classics.

As of this writing, I’ve finished reading one novel, and a quarter of the way through another. So I am on a good pace to start!

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