I had the opportunity to watch Logan this past weekend, and am so glad that I did.  Rotten Tomatoes has Logan polling somewhere around 92%.  I have to believe that this was mostly due to the deep respect that the director as well as Hugh Jackman had for the character.  I also think the main reason this movie is as good as it is, is because they were allowed to make this an R-rated film.

Last year’s Deadpool was a resounding success as well.  I have to attribute the fact that Ryan Reynolds has a great understanding and love for the character.  The role is practically Van Wilder in a red leather suit. With guns. And a Katana.

Hugh Jackman’s performance in Logan is nothing short of outstanding.  I walked out of that movie thinking he deserved an Oscar.  Then again, I thought Deadpool deserved an Oscar.  So…

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